Common Name   :100% Absolute & Waxes

Plant Parts Used  :

Description         :

When extracted expertly, an absolute will contain far more of the aromatic principles of the flower than its steam distilled counterpart which is why it smells closer to nature.

Characteristics and Constituents:

100% Absolutes and Waxes are made by Solvent Extraction method from the Fresh Flowers like Jasmine, Tuberose, mimosa etc. These are 100% pure and natural and have wide applications in different fields and high - class natural aroma.

Actions and Uses :

In the first stage of the process the plant material is placed in a cylindrical drum along with an organic solvent, usually hexane or toluene. The drum is rotated to aid the absorption of the solvent and to separate the odiferous extract, and this extract is then subjected to vacuum distillation to remove the solvent which can then be recycled.

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