Presenting a comprehensive variety of herbal extracts that are precisely prepared with the assistance of our advanced extraction process. These are processed under hygienic conditions to retain the effectiveness of the medicine and are for their purity & quality. Our extracts are totally safe to use and are preferred by pharmaceutical, ayurvedic, food and cosmetic industries to prepare their formulations. The herbal extracts we deal in are as follows:

Hex1 Aloe Barbadensis Hex2 Aloe Indica Royle
Hex3 Bambusa Arundinacae Hex4 Boswellia Serrata Ext.[Boswellic Acid Upto 95%]
Hex5 Caosicum Annum Hex6 Cassia Angustifolia Vahl Leaves Exts. 60%
Hex7 Cassia FistuIa Linn Fruit Extracts Hex8 Citrus Aurantium
Hex9 Citrus Medica Linn Hex10 Commiphora Mukul Ext. [Gugul Sterones Upto 3%]
Hex11 Eclipta Alba Ext. 3%[Bhirgraj] Hex12 Embelia Ribes Burn
Hex13 Emblica Officinails Fruit Ext. Hex14 Fenugreek
Hex15 Garcenia Hca 60% Hex16 Garlic
Hex17 Green Tea Hex18 Gugul Exts [Gugul Sterones 20%]
Hex19 Hedyehium Spicatum Hex20 Henna
Hex21 Kava Kava Hex22 Lawsonia Alba Dry Ext. [Hinna]
Hex23 Lawsonia Imermis Dry Ext. [Mehandi] Hex24 Mentha Arvensis Linn
Hex25 Mimosa Pudica [Lajwanti] Hex26 Nardostachys Dry Ext. [Jatamansi]
Hex27 Oper Culina Turpethum [Nishoth] Hex28 Phyllanthus Niruri Bhui Amla Bitter 1.5%
Hex29 Piper Cubeda Hex30 Piper Longum [Pippali] Dry Ext.
Hex31 Psyllium Husk Hex32 Pueraria Tuberosa [Vidari Kand]
Hex33 Santalum Album Linn Hex34 Saraca Indica [Ashoka] Dry Ext.
Hex35 Senna Leaves [Cassia Angustifolia] Dried Ext. 10% Hex36 Shatavari
Hex37 Acacia Concinna [Shikakai] Hex38 Rock Mineral [Shilajeet Ext.]
Hex39 Tulsi Hex40 Turmeric
Hex41 Valeriana Officinalis (Bulgarian) Hex42 Valerian Wallachi Root Ext [0.8% Valeric Acid]
Hex43 Withania Somnifera Root Ext.[Alkaloids 2.5%] Hex44 Zingiber Officinalis Dry [Adarak]