Parsley is probably native from northern and central Europe and western Asia. It was known in ancient Greece and Rome - but more as a diuretic, digestive tonic and stimulant of the menstrual flow than as a salad herb. Parsley leaves,seed and root treat urinary tract infections and help eliminate kidney stones. It also stimulates appetite and increases blood flow to digestive organs, as well as reduces fevers. Parsley was introduced into Britain in 1548. Parsley has the unusual ability of masking strong odors, that of garlic in particular (which is one of reason for the herb's frequent use as a garnish in cookery). Parsley root is more commonly prescribed than the seeds or leaves in herbal medicine. It is taken as a treatment for flatulence, cystitis and rheumatic conditions. Parsley is also valued as a promoter of menstruation, being helpful both in stimulating a delayed period and in relieving menstrual pain

Actions and Uses:

Digestive, diuretic.

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