Scopodrimol isolated from leaves and stems.Scopodrimol A isolated along with scopofarnol and isofraxidin - derived sesquiterpene ethers from roots. Major constituents of the oil are esters, followed by hydrocarbons, alcohols and several sesquiterpenes. Minor constituents of the oil are cymene, sabinene, cineol,linalool, eugenol, borneol, farnesol and traces of other aroma chemicals. The principle constituents of the essential oil which gives it exquisite and delicate aroma is due to the presence of davanone, nor-davanone and linalool

Actions and Uses:

This oil is used both in flavouring and perfumery due to its peculiar olfactory properties. This essential oil is obtained from the flower heads and fresh herbage of Artemisia pallens. This low volume and high value crop has a exquisite and delicate aroma and as such is used in high grade perfumes and cosmetic preparations.The oil is also used in the preparation of many beverages and eatables.

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