Common Name   :Nisoth

Plant Parts Used  : Root, Stem bark

Description         :

It is a perennial climber. It exudes a milky juice. The roots are long, slender, fleshy and much branched. Stems are very long, twining, twisted and tough and brown. The leaves are small and ovate. There are few flowering cymes with white flowers. The features of the plant have been studied. The stem of 0perculina turpethum was found to be identical with commercial black nisoth. The drug available as safed nisoth in the market is Marsdenia tenacissima. Powdered root when exposed to UV light has a bluish yellow fluorescence.
Characteristics and Constituents

Turpethum roots contain a glycoside resin which is mainly concentrated in the root bark. It contains an ether soluble glycoside, turpethin, ?-turpethin and ?-turpethin.The total ash is 4.2%. Resin content 9-10.50%.

Actions and Uses :

The laxative action has been attributed to the ?-turpethin and ?-turpethin content of the plant. In constipation, it is an effective laxative. It is used in periodic fevers. In the treatment of anaemia accompanied by splenomegaly, it is used along with other therapy. It is also used to relieve flatulence and colic. In the treatment of obesity, it is used to decrease fat.

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